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  I have been carving decoys and realistic bird sculptures professionally since the mid-1970’s. There is nothing that projects realism and life more to any bird carving and sculpture than the glass eyes we add to those sculptures. We always had to settle with commercially-made Taxidermy “quality” glass eyes which are at best mediocre with poor color selections, inconsistent sizes and pupils, and frustrating availabilities until now………! 

Mike Braun has created what I consider the absolute finest glass eye available today…..anywhere! Through his in-depth study and replication, his realistic details go beyond the precise pupil shapes, but most importantly the species-specific authenticity of the iris color and the iris structure and patterning which rivals only the actual bird species themselves! 


  For me, I was sold on his eyes the day I received my first pairs of Cormorant eyes. I was stunned! I have made quite a few Cormorant decoys over the years and all that time I had to settle for poor quality and disappointing “green” colored eyes. Not anymore! Mike’s Cormorant eyes are alive with color and vivid iris markings, exactly like a live Cormorant. Now thanks to Mike, I have a complete selection of species-specific authentic glass eyes in my possession from Seabirds to unusual species. Now, that dynamic spark of life I had been searching for my sculptures and carvings for all these years has found me! There is no better glass eye available anywhere!

Keith Mueller, Killingworth CT 

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