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Michael's Decoys

  From service grade decoys to decorative sculptures, Michael takes pride in himself to be one of the few artists left upholding this functional art form full time. Each decoy is hand crafted one by one to meet the customer’s needs. Carved from Cedar, tupelo and other various types of wood, each decoy is painted in oils to give it a traditional look and feel. Michael's contemporary style holds the traditional East coast look and feel. Although Michael's decoys are generally carved for hunters, his work can also be seen in many wildlife and waterfowl collections all around North America.

Landing Zone Decoys

  The Landing Zone series decoys are Hand carved hollow wood decoys that have been designed for functionality and looks. Michael's rendition of a classic yet modern take on an old school pattern has led him to develop a decoy that takes the meaning of floating sculpture to a new level. Carved from northern Cedar and painted in only the finest grade oils, these service grade decoys will help you pass on the traditions of the old and new to generations to come.


LZ Mallard PR.jpg

Contemporary Gunners

  Contemporary gunning decoys offers a wide range of styles and finishes. From simple painted hunting decoys with minimal feather carving to decoys with a more modern touch. These decoys are full of diversity and artistry. 


Decorative Gunners

  Decorative Gunners are for the collector who appreciates working decoys with highly decorative smooth carving and paint. These decoys are carved to mimic the live bird. Exotic woods and decorative carving techniques are often used in these floating sculptures.

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