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Read some testimonials form some of the countries finest carvers and taxidermists.


Over my 40 years of carving decoys, listening to collectors or judges, the most important areas of the decoy is the face of the decoy. For the amount of time and effort each carver applies to their creation why would anyone want to skimp when it comes to the eyes. Buy the best you can and insert them into your artwork. It  has always been difficult to find high quality commercial eyes for unique species and those commonly available eyes were, well…  acceptable because that is what was available. Today, the game has changed and there is a new, elite glass eye supplier in town, Michael Braun, Fulix Project / MRB Decoy supplies the best, custom handmade glass eyes available for Waterfowl Carvers and taxidermists. Ease of order to speed of delivery are top notch.  Eye pupils, coloration and product are over the top. You can’t go wrong with MRB Decoy glass eyes, simply the best!  Give them a try, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!

Tom Matus

TM Decoys

After 34 years of carving I’ve finally found glass eyes for my birds that are worth switching to. The quality and true to life appearance sold me from the moment I held my first pair.  I could not be more satisfied!  The eyes make the bird!!  Thank you Mike!


Mali Vujanic 

Mill Creek Studios

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I’m always impressed how the artist (Michael Braun) can be so creative and diligent to recreate the glass eye industry. Best of luck with your newest endeavor.  May the next World Championship have your eye in the carved artwork. 


Ben Heinemann

​Ben Heinemann Decoys

For all you wildlife sculptors out there, if you haven’t heard of Michael Braun and the fullix project, check him out! Best eyes available for carver’s, sculptors and taxidermists. His eyes are as real as I have seen. He has all my business since I first used his eyes.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give him a call. He makes eyes for all special requests! Best of all his turnaround is lighting fast!

Al Jordan

Al Jordan Birds


If you’re looking for the best decoy eyes on the market. look no farther than Mike Brauns eyes! And you’ll SEE why they are the best!  

Sean Sutton

Sean Sutton Decoys 

These eyes from Michael are top notch.. Whether is be for carving or taxidermy, they work! The detail and realism is second to none.

Tyler Coleman

Full Circle Waterfowl


Over the years I've Bought glass Eye's from many different Suppliers. And no one makes a finer glass eye then Mike Braun. 

George Strunk

George Strunk Decoys

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