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The Fulix Project

 Carving The World of Waterfowl  

  Ever since I was a young child the outdoors has been my home away from home either on the trout streams with a fly rod in-hand or out in the marsh listening to the sounds of migration. When I'm not in my shop carving that’s where you can find me, taking in every sight and sound that Mother Nature has to offer. It was in the outdoors with nature that I discovered and eventually went on to harvest my love and passion for the arts. It was with nature where I felt free and inspired to create. 


  Throughout grade school and high school, I achieved awards, acknowledgments, and accolades. While that was never my true and ultimate goal, it did motivate me to keep going with it. The more I created, the better of an artist I became.

Graduating from Art School in Philadelphia is what gave me the skills I developed that eventually led to the means for a life that many wish for. I am blessed every day that I get to work as a full-time artist from the comfort of my own home. Nature is the main focus of my work but there is nothing more exciting to me than the world of Waterfowl.

As a hunter waterfowling has become a great passion in my life. I have been able to parlay my passion into becoming a full-time decoy carver. The history and traditions go back to the market hunting era, and I am proud to keep this heritage alive. I am not married to any one style of work and my inspiration goes beyond my comfort zone. 

So, what is The FULIX Project?


  FULIX is the Latin term used to describe Waterfowl. There are 178 species of wild waterfowl, world-wide. This does not include the subspecies which can bring the number even higher.

Yup! You guessed it - I am planning on a series of carvings that will depict all world-wide species of wild ducks, geese, and swans. For each species I carve, I will share my research and designing methodology, as I work my way around the world until all species are carved. So, follow along with me on my journey as I make my way through the FULIX Project!

To View the Fulix Gallery click Below

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